Above:  ‘Lava’ (1970) with Udo Borchert (drums), Dirk Möller (bass), Chris (guitar)

Bottom:  ‘Backwater Bluesband’ (1974) with Jörg Zierleyn (piano), H.W.Jecker (drums), Thomas Jauer (bass/vocals), Chris (guitar)

Chris’ first band ‘Lava’ with Dirk Möller (bass) and Udo Borchert (drums) in Burg Blankenstein, Germany (1970)

Above:  Chris (1974)


Chris with ‘Backwater Bluesband’ (1975)

Left:  ‘Chris Beckers & Friends’ (1978) with Klaus Bernatzki (sax), Rocko Niedziela, (drums),  Dev Ballin (keyboards), Mike Hermann (bass),, Jan Lekatompessi (vocals), Chris (guitar) on the roof of a rehearsal bunker in Bochum/Germany.

Below:  ‘Chris Beckers & Friends’ (1979) with Carwin Gijsing (piano), Jurre Haanstra (drums), Rein Schippers (upright bass), Chris (guitar) on a Sunday morning gig in  Nordhorn/Germany.

Above:  Leo vd Giesen (bass), Chris (guitar)

Below:  ‘Chris Beckers & Friends’ in Jazz-Club Minden/Germany (1982) with Essiet Okon Essiet (bass), Henk Zomer (drums), Herman Wolters (piano), Chris (guitar)

Right side:  1981 with Essiet Okon Essiet (bass), Chris (guitar), Rene van Helsdingen (piano), Peter Guidi (sax/flute), Don Mumford (drums) somewhere in Germany.

Below left:  Gerry Brown (drums), Wim Dijkgraaf (bass), Chris (guitar) and Herman Wolters (keyboards) outside ‘Soundpush Studio’s’ in Blaricum, Netherlands (1982)

Below right:  Jan Schuurman (engineer) and Chris at ‘Soundpush Studio’s’ (1982)


Chris Beckers’ Splash‘ with Herman Wolters (keyboards), Chris (guitar), Charles Schouten (drums) and Wim Dijkgraaf (bass) on tour in 1983.

Chris during the ‘Nightmoves’ tour in 1983.

Left: Chris in his first own studio in Nordhorn-Brandlecht/ Germany 1985.

Under: Back from Japanese promotion tour in 1985.

On the left:

Chris, Marcel Serierse (drums) and Marcel Schimscheimer (bass) in de studio 1985.

Righ side:  Chris and Ernie Watts (tenor saxophone) in Los Angeles for recordings in 1986.

On tour in 1987 with Paulinho Da Costa (percussion), Jan Hollestelle (bass), Roy Dackus (drums), Herman Wolters (keyboards), Johan Vermuyen (saxophone).

Chris Beckers on tour 1989 with Ernie Watts (saxophone), Jasper van’t Hof (keyboards), Herman Wolters (keyboards), Ton Dijkman (drums), Ton Nieuwenhuizen (bass).

Bottom:  In the ‘Private Room Studio’ in Nordhorn/Germany with Billy Cobham during recording of the album ‘Wild Kindom’ in 1992.

Above: Soulman Jimi Belmartin and Chris in front of the ‘Beau Garage’ studio in Amsterdam in 1999.

‘Messenger Of Truth’ tour with Rene Engel  (drums), Will Maas (keyboards), Chris (guitar), Luluk Purwanto (violin/percussion) and Manuel Hugas (bass) in Bocholt/Germany 2001.

Jimmy Haslip (bass) and Simon Phillips  (drums) in Simon’s ‘Phantom’ studio (Los Angeles, during recordings for ‘Seven Frames Of Mind’ 2008.

On the island 2009

‘Seven Frames of Mind’ Tour (2009) with Herman Wolters (keyboards), Marcel Schimscheimer (bass), Marcel Serierse (drums), Chris (guitar).

Beckers Bros – Chris and brother Marcel in Bochum/Germany at the ‘Fritz Brause’ bunker.

Chris with René Creemers (drums), Herman Wolters (keyboards), Gregor Sonnenberg (bass) in Emsdetten Jazz Festival (Germany) in 2011.

Left: Chris with Gregor Sonnenberg (bass) and René Creemers (drums) in Amsterdam in 2011.

Under: René Creemers (drums), Chris, Herman Wolters (keyboards), Phaedra Kwant  in Hattingen  (Germany)  in 2012..

Chris and Efraim Trujillo (tenor sax) in the ‘Beau Garage’ studio during recordings on ‘Navigation’ in 2014.

Under:  Chris, Phaedra Kwant (bass), Jeroen de Rijk (percussion), Herman Wolters (keyboards) and Marcel Serierse (drums) at  the Northsea Jazzclub, Amsterdam (2014).

Above: Marcel Serierse (drums), Chris, Phaedra Kwant (bass), Herman Wolters (keyboards) in Köln (Germany) 2014

Teun Creemers (bass) and Chris in Nordhorn (Germany) 2018

Teun Creemers (bass) , René Creemers (drums), Chris and Jeroen de Rijk (percussion) in Nordhorn (Germany) 2018

‘Grafschafter Bluesnacht’ with Herman Wolters (keys), Hans La Faille (drums), Feico Nijdam (bass), Ralph de Jong (vocals/guitar) and Chris

‘The Colour Of Blue’ – Chris and Adeiye Tjon (MC Complex) on session for videoclip.

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